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Midnight Mercy

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A snowstorm in tiny Crescent Bay, California. But the show must go on.

Volunteering to help with the Swan Lake ballet at the historic Crown Theatre was supposed to be a distraction. It’s better than thinking deeply about what I want to do next with the strange fortune I inherited, and this big, empty house. Snow is a fun bonus.

When my cousins surprise me with a visit despite the unexpected storm, Covett House is suddenly full of life. And questions. Some of which are as simple as ‘Do you have a bathroom?’ Others are more alarming, like ‘Did you know your cat sees ghosts?’

Was the weather a warning? 

Because early on opening day, I discover Gwen Canfield, the lead dancer in Swan Lake, out cold in the center of the stage. An arcane symbol marks her forehead. We can’t wake her up. 

When I find the same symbol on a painting at home, I can’t deny the connection. Plus, Gwen used to date my cousin, Joel, and they’ve been reconnecting, over the loud disagreements of her over-protective mother.  

What else are the Canfields tied up in? And how can I protect our family’s secrets, when it seems I don’t even know all of them?

It’s hard to believe Covett House has more mysteries to unlock. But my cousin Darcie turns out to have skills to rival any of the ancestors that came before us. 

Now if I can keep her from learning too much…


Welcome to the Moon Garden Mysteries paranormal cozy mystery series, a magical blend of paranormal women’s fiction and cozy mystery for those who believe forty marks a new beginning, cats can talk (and you’d better listen), and when you’re guarding a fae portal, chocolate is a girl’s best friend.

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