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A new life in a new town. But keeping secrets is not my style. 

I moved to Crescent Bay because of my cat. I inherited Thomas along with Nanna's old Victorian house. When his antics uncovered a family secret in the woods behind Covett House, I suddenly found myself guarding a moon garden for a pair of snooty fae princesses. 

To top it off, I’m keeping secrets from my best friend. Important stuff. Magical stuff. Soon they’ll know how much I’ve been hiding. 

Finding a body is a twist even I couldn’t worry up.

Maribel Santos fell from the clifftop at North Beach, just before her famous boyfriend competed in a surfing event sponsored by my family’s foundation. Was Maribel’s fall an accident? Or did Crescent Bay just have its second murder this year? 

Add in an Otherworld connection – and the fact the victim was somewhat related to David Clark, an old friend who’s aged so well you’d think he was fine wine – and I have to investigate. 

I don’t recognize much about my life since moving to Crescent Bay. Most of it would read like a midlife fantasy. Outside of a fairytale, who discovers a secret garden by moonlight and gets their best advice from a tree? (Er…a dryad. Grisel would be so mad if she heard me say that…)

But it’s real. The enchanted garden, the fae, and the cat who adopted me with all of his big, loud heart. 

Now if I can stay out of trouble for a while and enjoy it…

Welcome to the Moon Garden Mysteries paranormal cozy mystery series, a magical blend of paranormal women’s fiction and cozy mystery for those who believe forty marks a new beginning, cats can talk (and you’d better listen), and when you’re guarding a fae portal, chocolate is a girl’s best friend.

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