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The Unseen Mirror

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Sage thought she could run…but the price is too high.
After what I did, I had no choice but to run. And there’s no warm welcome waiting for me back home. But what kind of a life is this? My ties to the Queens severed, my powers diminished…not to mention the constant pain.
I want to be powerful again. I crave it. Some days I wonder how far I’d go to regain my former strength.
Sage Brighton left the world she knew behind six months ago. After betraying the Lady and the witches who serve her, she can’t return to that life. But now fear seems to be the only force driving her out of bed in the morning. Fear that she’ll never be the witch she was again. Fear that this pain – which she deserves so completely – will always haunt her. Fear that the man who chose her above his own safety made the wrong choice.
It turns out she’s been dreading all the wrong things. 

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Queen Witch ~ Book 1

Chaos Calling ~ Book 2

The Unseen Mirror ~ Book 3

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