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Darkest Skies

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The old gods aren’t all kind, caring, or dependable.

They used to walk among us. Some still bear their noble blood. Most will never know it.

But after a hundred lost generations, conflict is brewing in Otherworld. The Sidhe’s unloved part-human children, abandoned to the mortal world, are suddenly their greatest source of hope.

Nathan has always felt more at home in the wilds than with other people. But he had no idea just how different he was.

When his long-absent father reveals he's not of this world, it’s in tandem with even worse news. Nathan is on an Otherworld assassin’s hit list, and the only person stepping forward to help him just may be playing for the other side in the Sidhe Blood Wars.

Tessa isn’t sure where she stands. When a family secret is threatened, she’s determined to protect her own. She’s never approved of thinning Sidhe blood by mixing with humans. So what does she care if these half-humans are lost to an assassin?

But she has more in common with the young Lord of the Skies than she wants to admit. Maybe, together, they can keep the darkness pervading Otherworld at bay. Or maybe her attraction to this particular half-human will prove the undoing of all she knows.

Read the complete Of the Blood series. Fantasy romance with a dash of pixie dust. Five couples, one unforgettable Otherworld adventure.

Sworn by Blood ~ Book 1

The Risen Goddess ~ Book 2

Darkest Skies ~ Book 3

Sacred Guardian ~ Book 4

Shield in Shadows ~ Book 5

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