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Shield in Shadows

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Descendants of the blood have gathered…and it will take all of them to win this war.

Hell will be unleashed in the human world in just days, as the Sidhe battle their ancient enemy, the Fomorii.

But Eva Parker has no way to know that when she’s kidnapped by creatures her rational mind has trouble accepting. They steal her dinner and stow her in a dank cell for good measure.

In the Fomorii cells she meets Joel, a haunted man with a strange ability to rival her own.

Joel has already lost too much to this Otherworld struggle. He doesn’t know what kind of life he has to go back to.

None of that will matter if they waste away in these cells. Somehow he can’t handle the idea of Eva going out that way. But their survival will depend on all of their skills, even the secret abilities they each inherited from Otherworld.

And escape isn’t their last challenge. They’re so deep in an Otherworld war that there’s no way out – until it’s over.

Read the complete Of the Blood series. Fantasy romance with a dash of pixie dust. Five couples, one unforgettable Otherworld adventure.

Sworn by Blood ~ Book 1

The Risen Goddess ~ Book 2

Darkest Skies ~ Book 3

Sacred Guardian ~ Book 4

Shield in Shadows ~ Book 5

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