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Sacred Guardian

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Darkness threatens. Otherworld needs a hero. Otherworld needs all descendants of the blood.

When Rosa thinks of her ex, they aren’t kind thoughts. Mikhail left her, pregnant and alone, four years ago. She’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself; she’s the Guardian of Dubhros and quite skilled at doing so. But Mikhail’s sudden reappearance comes with ill tidings of an Otherworld war.

After all this time, can Rosa trust Mikhail with her precious daughter’s safety…and her heart?

Mikhail has carried his regrets like another sort of armor, every single day since he left Rosa beyond the veil to raise their child alone. But since that day, everything has changed for his people.

Now Mikhail must convince Rosa to bring their daughter to Otherworld. Only there, together, will they be able to keep her safe.

In the midst of all that, can Rosa ignore how Mikhail still makes her feel? Can Mikhail convince her that she doesn’t need to?

Read the complete Of the Blood series. Fantasy romance with a dash of pixie dust. Five couples, one unforgettable Otherworld adventure.

Sworn by Blood ~ Book 1

The Risen Goddess ~ Book 2

Darkest Skies ~ Book 3

Sacred Guardian ~ Book 4

Shield in Shadows ~ Book 5

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