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The spells that keep Aeon Castle safe are crumbling. But the greatest threats are already inside the walls…
Cameron can read people too well. Her power is to see their lies, their inconsistencies. And everyone lies. Until Thorne. He’s different. He’s better than anyone she’s ever known. Aeon Society will wear those ideals down to nothing, unless he learns to play their games.
She should know. She’s spent months ferreting out secrets among their leaders. Everyone has an agenda for her power, and she’s had enough of infighting and schemes. Thorne shouldn’t have to end up jaded like her.
Thorne’s plans for the future were ripped straight from under his feet. He was torn from Gaia and thrust into a world overwhelmed by magic. No one knows how he came to Aeon in the first place. But now that he’s here, his power is changing Aeon a bit at a time.
He’s never tested his limits like this before. What he finds scares him. What he wants terrifies him even more. Because he’s not sure he can go back to the man he was before.
Amid faulty spells, old powers, and spiraling conspiracies, their choices just might change the world. But first they have to find something worth fighting for.


Follow Cameron and Thorne through the gates and into a whole new world in the fifth Aeon Society fantasy romance. In Aeon, powers are perilous. Wisdom is scarce. Fear is ever present. But despite the dangers, love still wins.

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