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Tested Virtues

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The Virtues have arrived in Aeon. Alpha Corps must pull together to protect Aeon Society and each other.
Calvan chose Alpha Corps, and now he’s hiding secrets from them. He never told them he was recruited by the Adepts first, much less his reasons for rejecting their offer.
He thought he could leave his past behind, but it’s not that simple. New arrivals in Aeon will test his powers like never before. Did he make the wrong choice?
Yesterday was the worst day of Eden’s life. She can’t get the vision of violence out of her mind. She can’t forget what she did to cause it. But dark thoughts will have to wait. Challenges are piling up for Aeon Society.
The Virtues were sent by the Selestian queen to repair the spells at the foundation of Aeon Society. To keep the Society under Selestian influence. And Eden’s power is the perfect complement to their mission. Too bad she doesn’t want to play.
Calvan’s on her side. But how much difference can two of the newest recruits to Alpha Corps make?
And what does freedom mean, when their whole world is shaped by Selestian spells?

Follow Eden and Calvan through the gates and into a whole new world in the final Aeon Society fantasy romance. In Aeon, powers are perilous. Wisdom is scarce. Fear is ever present. But despite the dangers, love still wins.

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