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Neither of them belongs on an Alpha Corps mission. But at least they can be trusted.
Betrayed by one of their own, the defenders of Aeon Society turn to a Scholar and a Healer to join their mission and help track down the traitor.
Henry has worked for this opportunity for years. He’s studied Bastion and is an expert in local languages and culture. He’s worked his tail off in Alpha Corps drills, honing his skills alongside the warriors. All of his training had better pay off, because now he has to keep June safe in a world she can’t possibly be prepared for. And she’s fond of telling him not to bother.
June knows she’ll be called on for more than healing. Just the thought of using her other gift induces guilt. Can she resist the desire to drown others’ magic with her power?
And somehow, she can’t keep her eyes off the man she’s rejected since they were teens. Henry wears his armor like he’s used to the weight. The Alphas treat him like more than a Scholar. Since when did her friend grow into a warrior?
A new world may be just what she needs to see him differently.
Maybe this time she’ll finally give him a chance.
Follow June and Henry through the gates and into a whole new world in the second Aeon Society fantasy romance. In Aeon, powers are perilous. Wisdom is scarce. Fear is ever present. But despite the dangers, love still wins.

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