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Aeon Society: Collection Books 4-6

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Aeon is a world of concentrated magic. Some have tried to claim it. Their debts are coming due.
Step through the gates to a new world of magic. In Aeon, powers are perilous. Wisdom is scarce. Fear is ever present. And love still wins.
***A collection of the final three novels in the Aeon Society fantasy romance series. ***
Follow Rush and Samuel Beyond the Walls
Rush has her reasons for exploring every nook and cranny in Aeon Castle in her spare moments. Sure, it makes her new friends testy, but she can handle that. She’s more worried about the ticking time bombs hidden in her tower room upstairs.
What she can’t handle is Samuel’s prying. He thinks because they’re both from Bedrock he knows her. But he can’t guess the first thing about her, and she never invited the nosy, insufferable man-child to meddle.
Rush has a secret. Samuel has spent the last several months trying to ferret out what she’s hiding. He doesn’t want her to get hurt living up to her nickname. He’d offer help if she’d let him get a word in edgewise. If she’d answer a question or two about what brought her to Aeon.
But Rush doesn’t want his help. And she’s not interested in playing by Aeon Society rules. When he finds her outside the walls, and with the Adepts after her no less, he’s done asking permission.
Whatever she’s up to, he’s honor bound to protect her.
Assuming he can catch up to her first.
This collection includes three Aeon Society fantasy romance novels, Beyond the Walls, Forged Alchemy and Tested Virtues.
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