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Visions of Flame

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She shouldn’t see what she does. But she doesn’t control the visions.
They call Lena’s power a gift. It gave her a destiny, a duty. But to Lena, the visions are a curse that is slowly driving her crazy. The winged queen giving orders in her throne room, for instance, is a sure sign she’s lost her grip on reality. Such a place can’t exist. And that’s not her only impossible vision. There’s also the man on fire.
She’s seen him in her visions…and her dreams. She’s seen their love. She’s seen his death. When she finds him, she knows she’s meant to save him. But changing the future is a perilous venture.
Bryce was welcomed as a warrior when his family sent him away ten years ago to avoid the stain of his magic. Alpha Corps is his life. And he’s good at the job. With an active power like his, he’d better be. The flames have come dangerously close to consuming him in the past.
But he’s never had her on his side before. Lena, who knows him almost better than he knows himself. Lena, who delayed her destiny to meet him in Aeon.
Maybe there’s something beyond Alpha Corps after all. Maybe she smells like a garden in sunshine.
And with that glimmer on the horizon, there’s more at stake than ever.
Follow Lena and Bryce through the gates and into a whole new world in the third Aeon Society fantasy romance. In Aeon, powers are perilous. Wisdom is scarce. Fear is ever present. But despite the dangers, love still wins.

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